the Venn diagram

digital media92%
political strategy85%
business startups90%
catholic apologia87%

the portfolio

the background

Brett started running businesses while still in college learning how to run businesses. Before he was old enough to legally buy a beer, he had built a six-figure operation in the facility maintenance industry. He managed to pull that off, ironically, by skipping business classes in order to run his business. But when a whim for a graduate degree took over his otherwise practical sense, he handed over the operation to family members and embarked on a years-long endeavor to rack up massive student loan debt (at two private universities) along with a framed piece of paper with the letters ‘M.A.’ on it. Coming back to his senses and in need of real money to pay off his loans, Brett struck out on his own again consulting for multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations in which he applied his management-ninja skills to campaigns and organizations all over the country. READ MORE….