Crossing the Tiber – Pt 4

The Treasures from Within

…continued from Crossing the Tiber – Pt3

It occurred to me after reading a heartfelt testimony from a titan among Catholic converts, Peter Kreeft, that I should not expect folks to rely merely on my experience and thoughts on the matter of ‘crossing the Tiber’. The stacks of books and blogs and articles and testimonies I have read (and continue to read) are a treasure-trove of wisdom and insight into a whole host of topics critical to a thorough review of Catholicism and fair a consideration thereof. So it is fitting that I share them with you. Put on your swim trunks and dive in. The water is warm and deep.


By What Authority – Mark Shea (this book is what pushed me over the edge)

What Catholics Really Believe – Karl Keating

Catholicism & Fundamentalism – Karl Keating

Jesus and Jewish Roots of the Eucharist – Brant Pitre

The Salvation Controversy – James Akin

Why Catholics Are Right – Michael Coren

On Being Catholic – Thomas Howard

Signs of Life – Scott Hahn

Triumph: The Power & the Glory of the Catholic Church – H.W. Crocker III 

Letters to a Young Catholic – George Weigel

Return to Rome – Frank Beckwith

Crossing the Tiber – Stephen Ray

Upon This Rock: St Peter & the Primacy of Rome – Stephen Ray

Where We Got the Bible – Henry G. Graham

Orthodoxy;  The Everlasting Man – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Essential Catholic Survival Guide – Catholic Answers

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass – Edward Sri

Rediscover Catholicism – Matthew Kelly

If Protestantism Is True – Devin Rose

How the Irish Saved Civilization – Thomas Cahill

The Lamb’s Supper – Scott Hahn

Consuming the Word – Scott Hahn

Letter & Spirit – Scott Hahn

The Crucified Rabbi – Taylor Marshall

The Eternal City – Taylor Marshall

The Fathers Know Best – James Akin

What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World – David Currie

The Unintended Reformation – Brad Gregory

The Catholic Perspective on Paul – Taylor Marshall

Handbook of Catholic Apologetics – Peter Kreeft

Surprised by Truth I & II – Patrick Madrid

Hail Holy Queen – Scott Hahn

The Faith of Our Fathers – James Cardinal Gibbons

Pope Fiction – Patrick Madrid

The Gospel of Matthew – Edward Sri

The Restoration of Christian Culture – John Senior

Born Fundamentalist, Born-again Catholic – David B. Currie

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic – Kenneth Whitehead

Rome, Sweet Home – Scott & Kimberly Hahn

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism – Dave Armstrong

The Mass of the Early Christians – Mike Aquilina

Why do Catholics do That? – Kevin Orlin Johnson

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization – Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

This is the Faith: A Complete Explanation of the Catholic Faith – Canon Francis Ripley

Signs of the Times: Understanding the Church Since Vatican II – Fr. Richard Gilsdorf


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